Stranger Faces

With a combined 25 years of performing these two unlikely artists come together to create a force to be reckoned with. They both have Viral videos of their solo works touching the tens of millions of views, and together the fire around Stranger Faces has already caught quickly. Their one of a kind style which they have coined ‘LoFi Funk’ is reaching the world at an incredible pace. The band is simply Beatbox, Bass guitar and a Loopstation, that's all these boys need to get the party started.

Maximon the bass player is hailing from Poland, known for wowing crowds with his insane finger style and outrageously fast slap bass technique.

UK’s World renowned beatboxer Dave Crowe delivers the beats, effects and vocals to this new genre of music, never missing a beat always bringing you a smile.

Do Not miss your opportunity to be blown away by this once in a lifetime band.