Rogier Kappers

Rogier Kappers, Glass grinder 

All my life, I’ve been fascinated by the etheric, mesmerizing sound of singing glasses. It touches something deep inside me. Three years ago, at age 51, I decided to turn the wheel of my life, leave filmmaking and become a musician. I started to collect hundreds of glasses from second hand shops all over the country, and build my first glass organ. 

Rehearsing and building up repertoire was the big thing since then. It’s a great discovery tour to find out which songs fit to the sound of singing glass. Nowadays, I play Bach, Beatles, Brel, Cohen… Above all, I fell in love with the music of the renowned Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. His pervasive minimalist compositions seem to fit so well to the sound of glass. 

Since one year, I am touring the cities and countryside of Europe, having my glass organ build into a transport bike. I don’t want anything else anymore, only spin and grind my glasses, and let all and sundry listen to it. You might find me playing next to your grocery store, at the entrance of the office tower where you work, in front of the IKEA on your Saturday out, or in a small off track street in some provincial town.