Machìna is an energetic, slightly obsessive and extremely charming Korean artist working and operating out of Tokyo. Her obsessions have led her to explore the realms of sound and texture with an eclectic collection of gear. Her energy has driven her to never sit still, and to always look for something more. Her charm is in the way she can fuse abstract sounds with deeply engaging lyrical content. She is motivated by the pursuit of a harmony between layers of technology, time and emotion. The balance of vintage equipment and gramophone samples with modular technology transcends time.

The dialogue of electronic sounds and vocal melody explores an ambiguity that reflects the contemporary condition. Her music will make you dance, make you feel, and make you appreciate the light and texture of sound. Her live set up is based around a modular system with live voice oscillator and analogue synthesizer. She improvises with live sampling and vocals to create an encompassing sound experience. Machina released her first full length LP in Japan in 2017 and is currently working on a new set of songs to be released early 2018.