La Sbrindola

La Sbrindola

The show “La Sbrindola” is born from the friendship and meeting of two amazing and outgoing identities: Marco Macchione e Leonardo Cristiani.

The show began to take shape in 2008 during a trip to Hungary where a great collaboration started between the two artists who created a high-energy show: a combination of circus skills accompanied by the rhythms of a drum kit. 
 Techniques used are: balancing with cycle, clubs, balls, fire, cyr wheel, drum.

Leonardo Cristiani: juggler, clown, performer. He began performing at the age of 14. His special training and multifaceted formation is focused around the study of the body and its limitless expressive capacities.

Marco Macchione: he began playing drums at the age of 13. He is dedicated to music and street art, but also to design, graphics and organization of socio- cultural and musical events. His study of rhythm led him to develop the idea that “anything can be played”.