Khalil Ghadri Acoustic Fusion Band

Arabic Fusion Band in Dubai

Syrian composer and Qanun player Khalil Ghadri is true pioneer of his art – fusing traditional and western melodies his music is at once both nostalgic and daring. Backed by a band that incorporates musicians & instruments from all corners of the globe he presenting original compositions that reflect his personal take on the last decade he has spent living and performing in the UAE. Khalil Ghadri has worked pulled together a talented group of musicians based in Dubai UAE to create an Arabic Fusion Band has true fusion of sounds – both composing new music as well as rearranging some of beautiful classic songs to make one of the most truly unique arabic fusion band in the region. Khalil Ghadri Acoustic Fusion Band is the far-famed Arabic Fusion Band in the region UAE & Middle East specially in Dubai, Khalil Ghadri Acoustic Fusion Band has more than 16,000 followers on Facebook. When asked to describe his sound he remarked “We are not just playing music, we are telling stories”